Our aim is always to provide the very best value for money and we believe that, in terms of the superior service we offer (the high level of service – personal attention for each cat, comfortable, friendly and relaxing environment), we achieve this.

Our rates are (per night):

£9 for one cat
£12 for two cats
£15 for three cats
£18 for four cats

We accept cash, and credit and debit cards


There will also be no charge when paying by cheque.

For those of you already familiar with the Cats Hotel, you will be pleased to know that we have simplified our opening hours (for dropping off and picking up your cats). All year ‘round (no matter whether it is summer or winter), we will be happy to see you between 2pm and 6pm, 7 days a week. We are closed on the usual public holidays at Christmas (Christmas and Boxing days) and New Year (1st and 2nd January).

So why are we changing the opening hours?
“One of the most important parts of the day is first thing in the morning – and when I say first thing, I mean, first thing!” explained Jenny. “We need to get ‘round all of the cats, clean out their pens and feed them and make sure that they are ok. At the very busy times of the year, this can take a lot of time and it is important that we get the time – uninterrupted – to ensure that each cat is properly looked after.

“Another important part of the job is when clients arrive to book their cats in or to collect them. We need to ensure that we have the time, free from other distractions, to speak to you and find out how your cat is and any other important details we need to know to make their stay – and your holiday – as trouble free as possible. The afternoons are generally quieter for us and therefore allow us to speak to you without having to worry about other things.”

We would request your co-operation in trying to stick to these new opening times, however we also appreciate that this may not always be possible, so in exceptional circumstances – and with prior agreement – Jenny will be happy to make alternative arrangements with you.