"My cat Hannah or as Jenny affectionately calls her Hannah Banana has been coming for her holidays to The Cats Hotel for 8 years. I have no reservations about leaving her there because the staff treat each cat as if they were their own. Hannah is a very sociable cat and is not restricted to her own pen. Jenny allows her to wander up and down the enclosure so she can interact with the other cats. This freedom means that I have a very contented cat when I came back from my holidays and I know when I leave her in the care of Jenny and her staff she is loved and cared for.  When I was on an extended holiday the staff brushed Hannah to ensure her long coat did not become matted, a service which was provided without me having to ask. Thank you for making Hannah’s holidays as enjoyable as possible." - Mrs B


"I would (and constantly do!) highly recommend The Cats Hotel after they gave my cat (who had been banned from catteries following a bad experience 8 years ago when he was 2 years old) a second chance. Jenny had loads of great suggestions and was very considerate of Harry when he came for a trial stay back in September for a few days and it all went amazingly well. My husband and I were extremely impressed with Jenny and her hotel for cats and have already booked Harry in for his (and our) holiday next year!" Mrs W from Forfar


"When we are away from home, our single most important consideration is the safety and security of our family of 6 cats, and finding the Cat Hotel was a lifesaver. We can always be confident that they are safe and happy now, since the Cat Hotel is run by people who care for and love cats, rather than just a business aimed at making as much profit as possible. The difference shows. We heartily recommend the cattery at every opportunity. Our thanks to all the staff for what that they do and how they do it."Mr D & Mrs V from Fife


"When my cat Jess developed diabetes, I found it impossible to find a cattery in North East fife willing to take on the twice daily injections she would need during any stay. My job as  a  geography teacher meant I had to be available to take groups of pupils on fieldwork two or three times a year – this would no longer be possible without somewhere I could leave Jess knowing she would be looked after properly.  Luckily an internet search led me to the Cats Hotel . A phone conversation with Jenny reassured me that I had found the place for Jess to stay.  Our first visit confirmed this – a cat haven in a lovely old walled garden, in its superb location on the southern slopes of the Sidlaw hills. 
Jess has been to the cattery a number of times over the last four years, and I always drive away knowing that she is in good hands. We are always warmly welcomed and time is spent settling her in her run and updating the cattery on her condition. It is very clear to me that Jenny and her helpers care very much for the cats they look after.
I think that the Cats Hotel  is an excellent place for a cat to spend a holiday. I cannot recommend it highly enough and intend to use it with any cats in the future – the extra drive north of the Tay is well worth the effort!
Jenny in particular is a star – from our very first contact all those years ago, she has been friendly and welcoming and I bless the day I made that first phone call to the Cats Hotel." Mrs L from Fife


"Our cat Bart has spent his holidays at The Cats Hotel for the last 13 years.
It's a beautiful garden setting, especially in summer. He's 17 now but Jenny and the girls take great care of him. We know he's well looked after with his favourite foods on hand, and a cosy pen that he's reluctant to leave for home when the time comes! I wouldn't think of sending our precious boy anywhere else." Mrs B


"I have been bringing my cats to The Cats' Hotel for over 20 years.  I like the individual, outside houses in the peaceful setting.  Jenny is always welcoming and gives a description of how things have gone during my cats' stay.  She is a 'cat person' which makes a world of difference.  On one occasion, I helped a friend to take her cat to another cattery, but this one was also dog kennels.  The wall of barking which met you when getting out of the car was deafening. At the Cats' Hotel, you are greeted by different cat meows - that is the only 'noise' to be heard.  I know my cats will be well cared for when they are left & I will continue to be a customer." - Mrs F


"Max is absolutely spoiled when he visits you!
The Cats Hotel was recommended to us by a number of people - we have not been disappointed. Max is always very settled when we leave him - he always looks relaxed and at home.
The atmosphere at the CatsHotel is always very relaxed. The cats always look relaxed and are able to wander in the corridors once settled in.
Jenny and her staff are always welcoming and relaxed about the cats. They are passionate about the visitors and we have never had any thoughts about leaving Max in their care." Mr P